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Oklahoma Wesleyan - Men's Basketball
Oklahoma Wesleyan - Men's Basketball

OKWU Men's Basketball Camps


"We had three children from ages 10-17 attend the OKWU Basketball School this past summer and we were extremely pleased with the experience.   Normally, when our children come home from activities and we ask them how it was, we would simply get the one word answer, "Good”.  That was NOT the case with this camp.....all three of them were actually fighting over who would get to share something next.  Not only did the leaders instruct them in basketball skills, but they also taught them valuable, Christ-centered character lessons."
- Marci Holley

"We picked up Luke yesterday from Bartlesville where he had spent 4 days at the OKWU basketball school they put on. He had an amazing experience and not only worked on basketball but they taught life skills and learned Jesus Christ!! A huge thanks to Mark Molder and to Donnie Bostwick for their time and energy put into these kids.  A GREAT camp and I would recommend it for next summer for your kids!!"
- DeAnn Nichols

"Our 10-yr-old son, Luke, spent 4 days at the OKWU basketball school this summer. This was his first basketball camp and he had an amazing experience.  Coaches Molder and Bostwick not only worked on basketball skills, but more importantly, they taught life skills and learned about Jesus Christ.  We are so grateful for the time and energy poured into these kids.  OKWU Basketball School was a GREAT camp experience that I  would recommend it next summer for anyone interested. You won't be disappointed!"
- Kristin Bishop Wilson